London Loves Beauty FAQ


Customer services hours of operation

I have sent a question via email when can I expect a reply?

When is your live chat operational?


Will I be charged any additional import taxes?

I live in a EU country you ship to but at checkout it states that my order cannot be shipped to this destination, why is this?

What methods of payment do you take?

What currency's do you take?

My order failed the payment process at checkout but I have been charged on my cards account, why?

Why should i order from this site when it looks cheaper to order direct from USA?

How do i cancel or amend an order?

I am awaiting a refund how long will this take?

Can I change my delivery address once I have placed my order?

I placed an order for multiple items but I have only had a couple arrive. What happens now?

How do i use a discount coupon and any restrictions?

Do you offer discounts for professional make up artists or students?

I have not received any notifications regarding my order, why is this?

My order states unfulfilled what does this mean?

On average what are your processing times once I have placed my order?

Do you offer any Buy Now, Pay Later services?

I ordered a product that appears to have been opened is this product brand new?


Are your products genuine?

Do you hold stock of everything you offer for sale in the UK?

Are you an official stockist / affiliated with all of the brands sold on this site?

Can I request items to be included on this site?


What is your return policy?

Shipping Costs

Can I choose how my order is delivered?

How much do you charge for shipping?

The courier has failed to deliver my order on time, can I can my order?

I have missed a delivery and it is being returned to you, what happens now?

I am ordering from Europe are Import Taxes included at checkout?

I have tracked my package and it has not moved for a few days is there anything wrong?

I do not live in the Netherlands yet my package has just been scanned there, has it been misrouted?


I am a Beauty Blogger | You Tuber would you be interested in a collaboration?